Dyeing Day!

The North Texas SAQA group met last Saturday at Jules' dye studio and created some fabulous fabrics.  Jules has the perfect setup -- a three car garage with lots of worktables and three large, deep tub sinks.  Everyone was working on something slightly different and we all came up with some really cool cloth.

I also managed to dye myself.  My gloves, which were admittedly several years old, leaked.  Both of them.  Time to buy a new pair of dyeing gloves.  Blue fingers are not necessary a wonderful look for me.
Blue fingers!  Photo by Jaye Dodds
As I said, everyone was working on some fabulous patterns and textures.  Deborah was painting a piece with small swoops of color.

I was interested in seeing how solid I could get my fabric with very little water and virtually no thrashing.  I am obsessed with solids but not obsessed with trashing. Usually when I dye I mix the powder into several gallons of water in a bucket, add the fabric and knead and mash and mix the heck out of it.  For ages.  It's pretty exhausting.  So I decided to use about 3 cups of water, a TBS of dye powder and gallon baggies.  I used 2 yards of PFD fabric in each baggie, so it really wasn't very sloshy.  I kneaded the baggies briefly at the beginning and then turned them over occasionally.  And, to my surprise, they came out pretty solid.

So all in all, a great day.  Good company and lots of wonderful results.  And a well earned rest at the end!
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Jaye Dodds said…
Fun day! Love your colors!
Looks like such fun with great results…….
Michael Ross said…
Those are great results for low immersion dyeing! Was the fabric folded neatly or just scrunched in the bag?