Just Home from Lincoln...

......after attending another wonderful SAQA Conference.  Although I'm exhausted, I'm also excited and exhilarated.  I thought I'd share my conference experience in pictures.  Well, mostly in pictures.  I can't resist adding a little text.

The Studio Art Quilt Associates' (SAQA) annual meeting was held in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I'd never been to Lincoln, or indeed Nebraska, before, but in quilting circles Lincoln is famous for being the site of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum (IQSCM).  For a quilter, it is a very exciting venue.  And I found that Lincoln is a beautiful city.

There are several things I love about attending any SAQA conference.  First and foremost, it is the chance to catch up with old friends and to make some new ones.
Maria Shell and Sarah Entsminger
I don't seem to have taken many candid shots.  Too busy having fun.

We started off the conference with awards.  Gwyned Trefethen, the chair of the SAQA committee I serve on, won Volunteer of the Year.  It was well deserved -- she keeps the Exhibition Committee in line, no easy task.
Gwyned Trefethen
16 members presented "Lightning Talks," 6 minute presentations about their work.  One of my favorites was Colleen Kole's talk about Exhibitions.
Colleen Kole 
Of course, the trip to the IQSCM was the highlight.  It was fabulous.  We toured several exhibits and explored the archives.  We also visited the Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design at the University of Nebraska.
The Quilt Japan exhibit
The best part -- we were allowed to enter the archives!
From a quilt by Jean Ray Laury.  I love clarinets!
From the same quilt -- VOLCANO!
And another from the same quilt by Jean Ray Laury
In the storage area
A really wonderful quilt by Faith Ringgold
A quilt by Michael James
An unconventional display of the quilts of Luke Haynes
Michael James at the Gallery at UN
I always enjoy the banquet and the silent auction.  This is the first year that I had donated a quilt, and it was exciting to see people bid on it.
And of course I bought one.  This is by Maggie Vanderweit:
Belonging by Maggie Vanderweit
Michael James was our keynote speaker.  He is one of the pioneers of the studio quilt movement, and it was very exciting to hear him speak about his life and his work.
We visited several exhibits at nearby galleries.  One very interesting exhibit was "Rising" by UNT professor Lari Gibbons. 
We also saw a SAQA regional exhibit called "Deeply Rooted."  I found many of the pieces compelling.
Drawing Session: Dogwood by Astrid Bennett
Life Routes by Pat Kroth
And we went to dinner.  A lot.  The Green Gauteau was fabulous!
Next year the conference is in San Antonio.  See y'all there!