Riffing off Louis Kahn

The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth is currently exhibiting the photos, architectural models, drawings, videos and pastels of Louis Kahn.  The pastels were a surprise, given that Louis Kahn was the architect who designed the Kimbell's main building.  But even the pastels are highly, well, architectural.  It's a fascinating collection.

My quilt art/critique group was given this photo of the Kimbell as inspiration for our May challenge:
The interior of the Kimbell
I didn't begin my piece right away.  But I started thinking about it.  In fact, I was thinking about it while were wandering around the International Quilt Study Center and Museum during the SAQA conference.  I actually sat down and made a sketch of the atrium, with the line of high windows held up by pillars.
Not the Kimbell, but I thought it was an interesting "vanishing point" piece.  

When I got home, I started to piece it together.  First the windows (the "stripey" part):
And then I pieced the windows into the curves of the building:
And added the pillars along the sides and the detail of the wall right below the windows.
Not quilted, but that a is as far as I got before the meeting today.
I'm not sure that this is finished.  I may need to tweak it a bit more.

The group, as always, offered some fabulous interpretations.  Here they are, laying on Jay's floor:
I loved Wendy's piece:
The program today was small fiber collages, inspired by Deborah Boschert's book, Art Quilt Collage: A Creative Journey in Fabric, Paint and Stitch.  Fabulous book, by the way.  You can order it here.  Jay provided small canvases and we had been instructed to bring fabric scraps backed with fusible web, pearl cotton in various colors, needles and scissors.  It was wonderful.  
 A few of the pieces in progress:
 We also exchanged pieces from our resist dyeing experiment.  I'll post about that tomorrow.