Two Wonderful Weeks in Ohio!

I've just returned home after two weeks studying composition and design with David Hornung.  It was an amazing experience!
David is a painter and Professor of Art and Art History at Adelphi University.  I had taken his color theory class several years ago, and was very excited to have the opportunity to study 2-D design with him.

Working with paper, paint, ink and glue, we started the class exploring simple shapes and the concept of stability vs. instability:
We then combined the shapes into more complex compositions.   And we added a little colored paper:
We did some gestural drawing with india ink and pencil.  And created cut paper color compositions from some of the drawings:
 The second week started with a study of progressions and transparency.  We worked in black, white and gray:
 We painted thin paper with acrylic paint, creating tints and tones and expanding our palette mightily. And then the fun began!  We spent most of the second week honing our design skills:
I created a number of small compositions that could be the basis of new art quilts.  My final piece, though, surprised me.  It didn't look at all like a piece I would make.  And it doesn't look like collaged paper.  I think it looks like a painting.
If you get a chance, take a class from David.  He's a wonderful teacher, and the skills you learn will enhance your work.  I know it is going to affect mine!


Jaye Dodds said…
This class looks terrific!!! Love what you are doing!
Sherri Coffey said…
Looks like a lot of fun, and it's something I've been thinking about doing for a while. I'm curious, though. What is the thin paper you painted?