SAQA Saturday

 The North Texas SAQA group met at the Dallas Museum of Art on Saturday to see an exhibit of the avant garde clothing of Iris Van Herpen, a Dutch fashion designer.  She is known for using unconventional materials to create her haute couture looks.
 The garments were constructed of metal filings in resin, umbrella spokes,  magnets, ceramic, metal tapes and plastic.
Many of her pieces were constructed of pieces formed with 3-D printing.  They were stunning, but looked very uncomfortable.
I think my favorite piece was this one.  Formed of 3-D printed plastic and painted to look like wood, it looked amazingly like a medieval altarpiece.
In the studio I've  been working on a quilt based on this collage:
As of Friday evening, it looked like this:

I'm not sure about this at all.  The collage has so many disparate elements.  It's not coming together in fabric.  I was fussing with the right hand side -- not sure I improved it.  What do you think?


Pat Hanna said…
I think the single green in the collage is what anchors the various elements and holds it together as a composition. Introducing multiple shades of red should work fine in theory, but now it seems like the composition has been split into distinct upper and lower portions along a diagonal line.
I love to look at your work in progress, and I admire your courage in putting it out there and asking for opinions. I'm confident you will find a solution that works.