September on Cape Cod

We just got back from our annual trip to Cape Cod to visit B's dad.  And, as always, it was a wonderful and relaxing trip.

B and Pop
We did all of our favorite things.  Visited our favorite beaches (which are wonderfully uncrowded after Labor Day):
First Encounter Beach, Eastham
Ate in some of our favorite restaurants:
Karoo in Eastham -- great African food
Captain Frosty's -- fried clams, chowder and lobster rolls
I was really lucky to connect with some fellow fiber artists on the Cape this year.  Judy Sebastian, librarian and art quilter, gave us a tour of the new Eastham Public Library:
Judy invited me to the Cape Cod SAQA pod meeting.  I was thrilled to meet some fellow art quilters and to see their wonderful work.  This is a closeup of a piece by Jane:
And Judy showed several pieces, including some fabulous silk scarves.
Art is everywhere on the Cape:
We visited our favorite places:
B at Wellfleet Harbor
 We hiked the Red Maple Swamp:
This grinding rock is along the Red Maple Swamp Trail.  Used by the Nauset Indians to sharpen their tools.
Even on the trail, I was keeping track of the Cleveland Indians' baseball game.  I love my hometown team!  And they are on a huge winning streak:
 I've never seen so much goldenrod.  It was beautiful -- that rich yellow is one of my favorite colors.  Especially when it is blooming in front of a huge glacial erratic.
 We watched the Eastham Windmill Weekend parade.  It's a great event.
I'm a sucker for a Scottish Pipe Band:
Sharks have been abundant at the Cape this summer.  One even walked in the parade.  You have to keep your sense of humor.....
One highlight of the parade is the Minutemen:
The best part, of course, was the Veterans' Float.  Because Pop was one of the veterans invited to ride on it.  We cheered loudly when he passed us by.
Pop was invited to speak at the Provincetown VFW meeting.  It was the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Air Force.  Pop was in the Army Air Force during WWII, and as the senior Air Force person at the meeting, he was asked to cut the cake.
We love our Cape Cod house and we love spending time with Pop.  Can't wait until next year!


Martha Wolfe said…
Love the Cape. Spent many great family vacations there - often in Eastham. Glad you enjoyed yours!
Kerri Green said…
Nice post Heather. Liked the bit about the huge glacial erratic. I'll have to look that one up and learn more! 😁
Julierose said…
Lovely post about your cape cod visit--we honeymooned and visited for many many years...a lovely place for sure...hugs, Julierose