Mudcracks in the Canyon -- Finished!

Mudcracks in the Canyon, © 2017, Heather Pregger
I finished quilting "Mudcracks in the Canyon" yesterday, and it is trimmed down to it's finished size.  32"w x 48"h.  After I posted the pictures last week, I decided the cliffs and sky needed to be a little more prominent.  So I added a little more cliff/sky/cliff along the top of the quilt.  What do you think?

Those of you who follow my work know that I usually quilt in long straight lines, 1/8" or so apart.  For this quilt I decided to quilt a few curved lines, mixed in with the straight lines.  To represent the wind in the canyon.
Mudcracks, Detail
It's a pretty subtle difference.  But I mention it because I found the whole experience rather amusing.  Apparently, after 5 or so years of quilting long straight lines, I find it very difficult to quilt a curved line.  I'd start each line on the left side fully intending to make it swoop and sway and realize about halfway through that I was quilting a very straight line.  I really had to concentrate.

I do love the slight variation, even if it wasn't as dramatic as I originally intended.

I plan to enter this piece in "Life Along the Rio Grande," a SAQA regional show open to members who live in the states the Rio Grande crosses.  SAQA exhibits, both regional and international, are fabulous opportunities to show quilts.  Most shows travel to many venues, showing off our work to hundreds or even thousands of people.  It's great exposure.
The original photo, taken in 1988 in Santa Elena Canyon
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piecefulwendy said…
This really makes me think of the mud cracks I've seen, so very cool! Had to chuckle at your quilting and trying to make wavy lines. I was trying to make straight lines in some quilting the other day, and kept losing my train of thought/focus, so they kept coming out different widths. Good thing it's just a quilt for me, because it certainly wouldn't win any awards!
Jaye Dodds said…
Very nice! I do like the addition of Sky/cliffs. Looking forward to seeing it in person! Will you be bringing it to ou next NTAQ meeting?
Sylvia said…
Love how this piece turned out!
Margaret said…
I like it...but...did you deliberately leave out any trace of blue in the sky? Just wondering...
I just spent two weeks at an artist residency on Summer Lake in Oregon and have lots of pictures of cracks just like this that I plan to use as inspiration. I have already made three small pieces while at the residency but am ready to work on bigger pieces now that I have all my fabric.