NTAQ - October Report

At today's NTAQ meeting, Jaye and Andrea demonstrated how to fold and tie fabric to create ice dyed mandalas.   The two of them have been dyeing mandalas this summer, and their results have been gorgeous!  Andrea used nine of her pieces to make a quilt:
We were asked to bring 20" squares of white PFD fabric, and Jaye and Andrea showed us a few simple folds:
I went a little crazy with the rubber bands.  I'm not sure they'll turn into perfectly symmetrical mandalas...we'll have to wait and see.  Whatever come outs will be pretty cool:
They showed us how to lay the prepared fabric on a screen that has been tightly clamped over a large plastic container: 
The fabrics will be covered with a thick layer of ice, and several colors of liquid dye will be squirted over the top.  The dye will drip through as the ice melts, giving us (hopefully) a very interesting pattern, penetrating the fabric but being resisted by the folds and rubber banded areas.  
We didn't dye our fabric today.  We will bring our dyed pieces to our December meeting for a big reveal.  I personally cannot wait to dye mine!

Our challenge for September was to create a piece using Degas' "Dancers at the Barre" as inspiration.  
The group did a great job!  Our pieces were all very different, but clearly inspired by the painting:
Here are all of them (but mine)....
To see mine, you'll have to come back tomorrow!  I've written a post about it for the Art With Fabric Blog Hop.  


Jaye Dodds said…
Great pics! Fun time had by all!!!