Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Texas Quilts: Art in Stitch Opens at Texas Tech

Texas Quilts: Art in Stitch, which opened in Abilene last September, has opened at the museum at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.
Tuning Fork #11 (red and gray quilt) with dinosaurs!
More Dinos and quilts.  Magnetic attraction is on this side of the gallery.
I am thrilled to have two of my pieces hanging in this show.  And to have them hanging with dinosaurs is a thrill.
Tuning Fork #11, far right
Magnetic Attraction, bottom left
Today's Quilts: Art in Stitch will be exhibited at the Museum from November 22, 2017 thru February 18, 2018. More than 30 pieces by 22 quilt artists are included. The SAQA Regional exhibit was curated by Gay Young and juried by Brenda Wyatt.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Bruce, me, Brian in Japan, Christmas Day, 2014
An hour after I arrived home from Houston I received a terrible phone call.  My brother-in-law, Brian's identical twin, had died at his home in Maryland.  It was sudden.  It was unexpected.  And it was a horrid blow.

Bruce and Brian were very very close.  Naturally.  I don't entirely understand the "twin bond," but it was eerie how much they thought alike.  And acted alike.  Brian is inconsolable.

At the moment, we are trying to keep moving.  Brian is the executor of the will and there is so much to do.  The pain is there, bubbling to the surface periodically, but working keeps it temporarily at bay.  Yesterday, I even spent a few hours in the studio.  Grabbing the scraps from my last project, cutting, sewing, ironing, not thinking.  The piece in progress is looking very jagged.  Echoing the turmoil in my head.

It will get better, I know it will.  And we will get through the overwhelming amount of work that needs to be done.  But Bruce, we will miss you.  The world will never be the same.

NTAQ in November

NTAQ met on Monday and revealed the quilts made for the Modigliani challenge.  The inspiration piece was Gypsy Woman With Baby, painted in 1919.
As always, the members of NTAQ had some very interesting interpretations of the piece:
You can read about my piece, "Pods," here.

Report From International Quilt Festival

I had a wonderful time in Houston.  As always.
First of all, I won third place in Art: Abstract - Large.
Schist #2
My quilt was in very good company!  Quilts by Barbara Oliver Hartman, Betty Busby and me
I had four quilts in the show, if you count my celebrity auction piece:
My donation quilt for the auction
Wild Thing in Dinner@8
Volcano!  in Textile Posters
And I spent time with old friends.  And made a few new ones.
The Dinner@8 Bunch, photo by Jamie Fingal 
Annie, Suzan and Lauretta, photo courtesy of Lauretta Crites
Maria Shell demonstrating techniques from her new book
It was wild, it was wonderful, it was full of color and pattern and I enjoyed every minute!

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