SAQA Group Dyeing Day at Jules'

The North Texas SAQA Circle met Saturday at Jules' house for a wonderfully messy dyeing day.
Jules' garage is the perfect place for dyeing.  Her garage has two large, deep sinks and ample space for all of us to work.  And a cushy floor.  There were twelve eager dyers.

It was a hot, sunny day, perfect for batching our fabrics.  We did a little bit of everything -- ice dyeing, shibori, baggie dyeing:
I dyed nine yards.  Six of them more or less solid, and three that were random pours of color over the fabric.  These are mine "cooking" in Jules' front yard:
My poured dyes.  The first was folded and squirted with blue and brown:
Chinese Red and Golden Yellow, scrunched in a plastic shoebox:
This was my final piece of the day.  I poured whatever dye I could find over it.  A little green, a little gray, a lot of blue:
My solids turned out pretty well, considering the fact that I placed the fabric in gallon zipper bags, poured the dye in and scrunched it a bit.  This was dyed with Aquamarine:
Chartreuse.  It split a bit into green, blue and yellow:
 This was Red Violet:
 Chinese Red.  I had dripped some brown dye on the fabric.  Happy Accident?  Maybe:
It was a lovely day, and I LOVE my results!


Vera Holmgren said…
Thanks for sharing Heather, love the colors especially the chatreuse one
Jenn Haxton said…
That shitake is really great. All of mine were very bright. Next time I need some nuetrals!
Vera Holmgren said…
Where did you find the shitake dye?