Six Elephants and a Dodo: My Day at the North Texas Quilt Festival

 Thursday was spent at the North Texas Quilt Festival.  It was a wonderful day!

The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Arlington has been the host for a regional quilt show for the past two years.  North Texas guilds have worked together to produce a fabulous show.

The quilts were wonderful.  But I was struck by the large number of elephants in the room.  I may have missed some, but I counted six.  There were pieced elephants, appliquéd elephants, colorful elephants, happy elephants.  They were everywhere!
Jade's Elephant Parade (detail) by Kay Thomas
Unknown for now -- I'll find out today when I get to the show. 
The Elephant in the Room by Mary Beth McCormack
Eliana The Elephant by Jolene Mershon 
Pat's Pachyderm by Pat Wykoff
Purple Reign by Margie Kallmayer
But one of my favorite quilts was part of the SAQA Wild Fabrications exhibit on display.
Polka Dodo by Susan Carlson
I'll feature more quilts from Wild Fabrications in another post.

Wendy Hook, my cohort in quilted crime, and I had six quilts in the show.  Fiver were in the art category.  Two of Wendy's:

The Salt Marsh returns.  When I first got to the show I walked by it,  and I heard someone say "This quilt is everywhere!  It's in all the shows."  I guess she was tired of it.  Oh well.
Tuning Fork #11:
Blue Triangles by Wendy.  I love this quilt!
And the debut of  "Uptempo" in the Modern Quilt Category.  The design started out as a small paper collage.  It was fun to translate it into fiber.
I spent most of the day working at the SAQA: Wild Fabrications booth with Jaye Dodds.  
I'm working there today, too.  And I want to spend some time looking at the Threads of Resistance Exhibit.  I didn't have time to really look at them yesterday.


Norma Schlager said…
Thanks for the great pictures and kudos on your ribbon!