How can it be the Holiday Season when it looks like fall outside my window?

It is Sunday, December 2, and I am spending this beautiful morning cleaning.  Not my favorite activity, but since B and I are planning to pull out the Christmas decorations this afternoon, it needs to be done.  But as I shove and pull the vacuum cleaner around the house, I am very distracted by the view outside my windows:

The fall colors are especially amazing this year.  We had an extremely (record setting, in fact) wet fall, followed by warm days and cool nights.  The result is an explosion of color.

I'd much rather be outside.  But I must be strong.  It is December.  It is time to decorate.  I must get ready for the holidays.  Yikes!

Oh heck!   The Christmas tree can wait until next weekend.  It's time for a walk around the neighborhood!