The Great Christmas Tree Hunt -- 2018 Style

For most of the last fourteen years, we have spent Thanksgiving with our friends in Colorado.  And the day after Thanksgiving, we head out to the Lincoln National Forest, armed with tree cutting permits, to search for the perfect Christmas trees.  Our friends always cut a twenty foot tree and we always cut one about five, maybe six feet in height.  

This year we spent Thanksgiving, with the same friends, in Central California.  No Christmas trees in sight.  At least, not any we could bring home on the airplane.

So instead, we hunted our tree at the Fort Worth Optimist Club tree lot.  

It was a chilly, drizzly Thursday.  The lot was uncrowded.  Actually, the lot was empty.  The guy from the Optimist Club was sheltering in the trailer.
We wandered through the forest of Black Hill spruces.  Which one was the perfect tree?
 This one:
Unfortunately, it was pouring rain by the time we got home.  The tree was too drippy to come inside.  So, after a suitable time drying in the garage, it will be decorated this weekend.  More pictures then!


LA Paylor said…
now you have two more friends in CO... we're in Aurora near /Denver.
Of course, our tree is artificial as we all start sneezing when a fresh tree is brought in.