Twelve little quilt tops, sitting in a row......

I have quite literally been in a piecing frenzy.  I have been so full of excitement, so full of ideas, so full of "what ifs" that I haven't come up for air in a long long time.  And I think I've made some really nice pieces.  But they have been draped across my longarm table, unquilted, for months.

I keep a log book of my quilting.  For each piece I record the size, the color(s) and type(s) of thread used, the quilting design, and the hours spent quilting.  I'm not sure what purpose it serves, but I enjoy recording all of the information.  I guess that is the purpose, it makes me happy.  So yesterday, when I decided it was high time I quilted a few of these tops, I opened up the log book and discovered that I hadn't quilted anything since July.  No wonder there are twelve of them!

So I hereby resolve to quilt every singe one of them before I piece anything else.  It will be a challenge, since I love to piece.  The whole process thrills me, from conception, to fabric selection, to design decisions, to construction.  It will be hard to stay away from my sewing machine for the weeks it will take to finish them.  But I am resolved.

I'll be posting the finished pieces as I finish them.  Feel free to give me a nudge if I fall behind.


LA Paylor said…
well, that may take great restraint, or it may be perfect. I am still thinking about your comment, about why you track your time etc. If it makes you happy is a good reason, but the social scientist in me wonders what aspect of it makes you happy... know what I mean? When we work at home we still need to know what we've achieved. I love to sort and organize, to put order to the chaos of my studio. People may think it's waste of time but sometimes I need to do it for me.
And it's nice to actually know when you last quilted too. I think it's a great idea to track the stats.
Good luck, take care not to hurt your back doing too much, just enough to make yourself happy!
I'd love to see your workspace... do you have a post to show it?
I say put as many onto the same backing at once, as you can stand, and try to focus on one at a time, but this way, the next one is lined up and ready to go!
Vera Holmgren said…
Hope you will show them again when they are quilted!
Vera Holmgren said…
Hope you will show them again when they are quilted!
Heather Pregger said…
I will, Vera! But I admit I'm off to a slow start. Brian decided to take a few days off this week, and we've been enjoying his vacation days!