Report from Dallas!

I had a grand old time at the Dallas Quilt Show last week!  For one thing, I debuted four new pieces.  None of them had ever been shown before.  In fact Shockmelt, the red and black quilt in the photo below, was quilted the weekend before it was due to be delivered to the show.  And I sewed the sleeve on with just a few hours to spare.  It's so new I haven't photographed it yet!

I had two quilts in the Art Quilt category, both of which you can see in the picture below.  Shockmelt and Tiger's Eye.  Tiger's Eye is the black/white/gray piece on the right below.  And I won a second place and an honorable mention in the category!
Here is Tiger's Eye, a microscopic look at the familiar gemstone: 
And here is Shockmelt.  Shockmelt is the geologic term for the texture caused by the impact of a meteorite upon the crust of the earth.  The rock fractures and recrystallizes, and looks like this under the microscope:
I also had two quilts in the small contemporary category.  This is Buckley Bay Blues, which I pieced on Denman Island last fall:
Bright Lights was also pieced on Denman Island:
You can read more about my retreat with Maria Shell here.

The show was full of fabulous quilts.  I'd like to share a few of my favorites.

Gorgeous by Melissa Sobotka, which won the Pride of Dallas Award:
 Study by Karen K. Stone:
Bold Log Cabin by Wendy Hook:
 Curvilinear Correlation by Kerri Green:
 Pickle Dish by Wendy Hook:
 E Major by Robin Williamson:
 Collage Study #3 by Kerri Green:
 Bar None by Wendy Hook:
 Wendy was interviewed about this quilt by Marian Ann Montgomery, PhD, Curator of Clothing and Textiles at Texas Tech University:
 Tree Lines by Deborah Boschert:
Black, White and Royal Blue by Kay Scheffer:
 Another quilt by Kay Scheffer (sorry, Kay, I didn't get the title):
 So Many Stripes by David Blake:
 Seasons Swing by Carolyn Skei:
 Elba Isle Hancock by Carolyn Skei:
 Help: Fire Power by Barbara Oliver Hartman:
 The Calm by Melissa Sobotka:
 One Earth by Kathy York:
There were many more beautiful quilts.  But I hope this gives you a taste of the show!


Maria Shell said…
Excellent review of the show. Thank you Heather for sharing all that amazing work!
Norma Schlager said…
Thank you for the tour, all great quilts, including yours!