The Grand Reopening of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art

Fort Worth is lucky enough to have three wonderful art museums.  The Modern, the Kimbell, and the Amon Carter Museum of American Art.  The Amon Carter was closed all summer for renovations.  Brian and I attended the reception/grand reopening and really enjoyed exploring the new spaces.

When you enter the Carter, the first thing you see is "Seven and Seven Flower", 1998, by James Surls, a Dallas artist. It dominates the gallery.  I took a picture of the huge hanging sculpture from the second floor mezzanine:
The next gallery features "Puente Nuevo" by Justin Favela.  Colorful tissue paper strips totally fill the walls of the gallery.  Tissue paper is used to make pinatas, referencing the celebrations of Latin cultures.  It was still being installed:
It was fascinating to watch them construct the artwork:
Plexus no. 34 has been hanging in the atrium for a while.  I was glad to see it was still there.  It is composed of over 80 miles of thread:
 As we left the Carter, we could see the nearly full moon rising over downtown Fort Worth:
I'm glad the Carter is open again!