NTAQ's November Meeting

Last Friday started with an espresso at a new (to me) coffee shop, Craftwork Coffee Company.  A delightful start to a delightful day!  I was, luckily, too early to pick up Wendy so I stopped on a whim.  And I was glad that I did!
It was time for the monthly meeting of the North Texas Art Quilters (NTAQ), a small group of wonderful artists that I hang out with regularly.  Many of you know that I have been a member of this group for many years.  And that for the last several years we have had an "artist inspiration" challenge.  Every month one of our members chooses a piece of art -- any media -- and we all make a small piece interpreting the piece in fiber.  No copies allowed!

For November, Michelle chose a painting, "Group IV, The Ten Largest, No. 3, Youth"  (1907) by Hilma af Klint:
I knew nothing about af Klint.  A little research shows that she was a Swedish painter and mystic -- mainly a mystic -- who died in 1944.  She left instructions that none of her work be shown for twenty years after her death.  Her main body of work (193 paintings) was painted between 1906 and 1908 for a temple that was never constructed.  The piece above is from that group of paintings.  

Having just returned from Festival, Shock Melt and its triangular format was much on my mind.  So I started making triangular blocks.  I love the palette of the af Klint piece.  I don't use much pink, but I think it works here:
 And (almost) all of our pieces.  Michelle and Kerri were not at the meeting.  I'll add their pieces later.
Our program for the November meeting was felting.  I had brought several dyed silk cocoons, which were fun to shred and then knead and smash and squish.  It was very therapeutic:
For our December meeting we are to make a piece of some sort using the felted silk.  I'm still thinking about what I will do with mine.  I think I need to make a few more pieces.

And finally, a totally gratuitous picture of my kitten in a box.  She's growing fast!