It's looking like Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year.  B and I love to decorate, and many of our decorations have been passed down from our families, which makes them extra special.  As we unwrap each item, we think about other Christmases, spent with our families and friends.  It's pretty powerful.

We love a real tree.  This year we picked out a Colorado Blue Spruce.  It's messy, dropping needles like crazy,  but it smells wonderful:
I have a ton of tree shaped decorations.  I decided to create a forest in the dining room:
We don't hang our stockings until Christmas Eve, but we do decorate the mantle:
 This German paper mâché candy container was originally Brian's grandfather's:
If you stand in the doorway of the dining room, looking through the hall into the living room, you can just get a glimpse of the tree.  I love this old house and the arched doorways:
 Even Brian's mineral display cabinets get decorated:
We love to put lights outside.  Those new big pots in our front yard look great with lights wrapped around them:
 Brian also ran a string of lights along the fence:
Today I am wrapping the last few presents for B.  Happy Holidays to you all!