Fine Arts Day at Ridglea Hills Elementary School

I was asked to be one of the "Fine Artists" to lead a project at a local Elementary school recently.  What a wonderful thing to do!  I was delighted to find that I had been assigned six kindergarten classes.  I decided to do several paper quilt block projects, and spent several days cutting paper squares, triangles, and strips.  Kippers was glad to assist me.
I arrived at the school and found that I had been assigned a delightful assistant, Janet.  Janet had three grandchildren at the school.  Together we set up the classroom.
 The children came in.  I showed several quilts, some in bright colors, some showing trees or houses, and some depicting holidays.  The Halloween one was particularly popular.  The children certainly liked the quilts -- especially when I told them they could roll up in them.
We did a nine patch with squares.
And a four patch with triangles.
And a weaving project with the strips. Which ended up being a non-woven project for many of them.  But still very pretty!
Each class was with me for forty minutes.  They really enjoyed the projects.  And we went though lots of glue sticks!
 At the end of day we had created a sea of paper quilt blocks!
I had such a wonderful day!  I hope I get asked to do this again next year!