Monday, March 24, 2008

Two new art quilts!

The first is "Block Study #1." I've quilted them out of order -- this was actually the first one I pieced. I used my hand painted and hand dyed fabrics, as well as several commercially printed batiks, to make this quilt. It was stamped with fabric dye, rubbed with Shiva paintsticks and embellished with copper screening and embossed brass.

I haven't come up with a subtitle for this one yet. Perhaps something to do with spring and renewal of life. Any suggestions would be welcome.

The second is "Block Study #4." It is also pieced with my hand painted and hand dyed cottons as well as commercially dyed batiks. In my favorite colors. This quilt makes me happy.
A closeup of the quilting: The back:
This one will be subtitled "Flame Dance." Maybe.

1 comment:

Patsy said...

Your art quilts are beautiful!!! Your colors "flow" so well. I too do a lot of fiber arts.

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