My "Fun" journals

I spoke in the last post about my primary sketchbook, the journal of my day-to-day quilting work.  But I keep other journals, just as important to me as my sketchbook.  In them I sketch, paint, glue paper collages,  and make impressions of the stamps I carve.  I try to add something to at least one of them every morning, a small creative "warm up" to my day.

My favorite journal at the moment is my little sketch/watercolor journal.  I sometimes stop and sketch when I'm out on my morning walk.  And sometimes I add a little watercolor paint.  It's rather hard to show you these.  My fiber art is very abstract, and these of course are not.  They are outside of my comfort zone, which is why I think they are very good for me.  And I enjoy doing them immensely.  This is from one of my walks this week:
I sketch and paint using a Strathmore Visual Journal with 140 pound watercolor paper.
I keep one journal of painted paper collages.  I love to play with shapes and lines, and h…

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