It was cold on the Cape, but spring has certainly arrived in North Texas.  Our garden is beautiful this time of year!   We added some annual color to both the front and back yards last weekend.  The perennials do well, but I love to add little splashes of color.  I hope they will fill in nicely.  This is the front of our house from the corner: Brian is thrilled that the new peony has bloomed.  Peonies are tricky in Texas.  Not enough cold weather to induce them to bloom.  But we apparently had enough this year: The magnolia is doing better (the big freeze of the winter of 2020 really stressed it) and the columbine are amazing: A couple of beds near the patio.  Brian loves glass/metal sculpture: The lower backyard is looking great as well: The back/side of the house from the patio: The first daylily of the year!  We love daylilies and have quite a few varieties.  This one is "Jersey Girl": Kippers and I have been cleaning out my sewing studio.  After the big Cape House Cleanu

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