Life in the time of COVID-19

An eerie silence has descended upon my world.  I am restless.  My life has changed and I am slightly apprehensive.

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives, not just mine.  Hopefully the change is temporary, but we will find out if that is so when we emerge from our self-isolation in a month or two.

Strange, isn't it?   I have always felt that my ideal week is one in which I have no commitments.  No need to leave the house except to buy food, to mail a letter, or to deposit or withdraw money from the bank.  When I turn the page on my desk diary (and, yes, I still rely on a real calendar, not just a digital calendar) and the page is blank, I always feel happy.  Very happy.  I love uninterrupted time in my studio.

But not this week.

My calendar was full.  Perhaps too full.  Meetings to attend, classes to teach, people to see, exhibit openings to attend, a quilt show to view.  All canceled.  I was supposed to be in Toronto today, attending the annual SAQA Conference.  Learning more abou…

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