Time for the (Virtual) SAQA Conference!

Every April, my professional association, SAQA, holds its annual conference.  The location varies -- we've been to Philadelphia, San Jose, San Antonio, Lincoln, Portland -- but it is always the highlight of my year.  How can you not love a long weekend with 400 of your best friends?   COVID restrictions have caused our conferences both in 2020 and 2021 to be held online.  But SAQA hasn't missed a beat.  We still have all of the wonderful speakers, the discussions, the studio tours and the art gallery tours that we all look forward to.   And, believe it or not, it has some of the goofy social interaction  networking that is the real highlight of the conference for me.  Last night I played a rousing and competitive game of Bananagrams with some friends. The conference runs through April 25.  For those of you attending, my Exhibition Committee co-chair, Sarah Entsminger, and I will be hosting chat rooms on Tuesday, April 20 and Thursday, April 22. at 7:00 EDT.  We'll be talkin

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