What I've been up to

The short answer is, "not much." I don't seem to be getting much done these days.

I've made another journal. This one is a gift for my SIL. I used a commercial batik for the outside cover, one of my hand dyed fabrics for the inside, and lots of handpainted paper. Rhonda brought her paper embosser over and I used it to make some very fun pockets and bookmarks.

I am signed up for a Mixed Media class with Sue Bleiweiss, but haven't gotten past lesson one. I've made quite a few tissue paper collages: muslin overlaid with tissue and hand painted paper, silk paper, silk roving and whatever else I could find in my studio. Washed with watercolors. I really enjoyed the effect when I started ripping the tissue layers to reveal what was underneath.

The colors seem very lurid in the picture. I don't think it's quite that pink in real life.

I've done quite a few of these in different colorways. I don't know how I'll use them, but I'm really enjoying the process.

And I've been working in the garden. Can you stand a few more garden pictures? First, our house on Memorial Day:

Next, my favorite echinacea, "Sunset":

And lastly, hemerocallis "Banana Girl." This daylily has been beautiful this year!

And I've been playing lots of bridge. Is there such a thing as playing too much bridge? I may be coming close...


Unknown said…
Heather - Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your journal. I really want to create one! I've been thinking about taking a class myself in paper quilting. So many things to try:) I also love the flowers! My snowball bush was a little small this year, no warm weather. I see you were in NE Ohio recently. I live in the NW, but go to NE very often to Amish Country and visit all the quilt shops! So nice to meet you and I look forward to visiting your blog! Cheers, Jenna Louise
Stitchwhiz said…
Heather, it looks to me like you've done a lot! Your SIL is a lucky gal to get the very cool journal. And if you talk to my husband, he will tell you that there's no such thing as too much bridge:-)

Mary K
Jacq said…
Your journal is wonderful. I love the color and textures.
Fannie said…
Heather, looks like we're on the same track with the fabric paper and journal making. ;-D

You can never post too many garden photos. I love seeing them.
Lise said…
Thanks for your comments on my blog Heather! Now I hav enjoyed yours...Love your journals. I wanted to join Sue B's online class, but the time was too busy here.
We have the most beutiful summer weather in Oslo now, the days are warmer than in Spain at the moment - so, no sewing here at the moment, only gardening!!