Saturday, August 30, 2008

The end of a busy week!

I have spent most of this week quilting this monster log cabin quilt. It is mine, and I've entered it in the TVQG quilt show, so I really need to get it done:

I played bridge at the Studio on Tuesday night with Ann, and we played really well. 1.70 points, came in second overall.

The Texas Sage, also known as the Barometer Bush, is blooming in our front yard. It's never had so many flowers! Leucophyllum frutescens is called the Barometer Bush because, according to local legend, it only blooms when it is about to rain.

Brian asked for a water feature for his birthday, so today we picked up the pieces. He's going to assemble it himself. The water will bubble out of the cobalt blue pot:

I'll be working on the log cabin this weekend while Brian works on his fountain.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Workshop with Harriet Hargrave

I've just returned from a three day visit to the Compass Centre. What a great place for a retreat! If you live in Texas, check it out. Melissa is a wonderful hostess and a fabulous cook.

I was attending a workshop called "Perfect Piecing" with Harriet Hargrave. We learned some great techniques to make piecing more precise. And we made a beautiful quilt along the way.

Here are Rhonda's and my quilts in progress:

The instructions had specified reproduction prints, and ever the rebel, I instead brought my own hand dyed fabric and a couple of wild commercial prints. So my quilt was a wee bit different. Which I consider to be a good thing.

Harriet hard at work:

My quilt right before I took it off the design wall:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Burning Woman Workshop with Susie Monday

I'm just back from two workshops. The first was a fabulous weekend workshop with Susie Monday in Pipe Creek. We spent two days altering fabric using techniques that involve heat and oxidation: sunprinting, rusting, dyeing and batiking, burning....It was a wonderfully freeing weekend spent in the company of some very talented women.

Here's Susie showing us how to foil:

And Ellen and Joann preparing fabric for sun printing:

I particularily enjoyed the rusting. I'll definitely be on the hunt for rusty objects!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Last Batch of Batiks

The last group. I particularly like this one. It was stamped with a potato masher and a wine cork:
This was one of last pieces I batiked on Tuesday. I pretty much just dribbled wax all over it, let it cool and then crackled it:

And I did this one the same way:

More Batiks

A few more of my batiks. This one was also stamped with a slotted spoon:

I used bubble wrap to transfer the wax to this piece. Let me tell you, hot waxy bubble wrap is hard to work with!

I stamped this one with stamps, both a pear and a leaf. They are pretty indistinct.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Batiks -- 1st group

I just finished washing the wax out of the first group of batiks I waxed and dyed earlier this week. I love them!

I was very inspired by Rayna Gillman's book, "Create your own hand-printed cloth." What a wonderful reference book! I highly recommend it.

The first piece was stamped with two sizes of drinking glasses:

I used soy wax for the batiking, and found objects to stamp the wax. This one is the side of a wooden soap dish:

This one is subtle, but has a cool pattern. Stamped with a slotted spoon:

I'll post more tomorrow.


Brian took this picture of Boomer napping in the sun on Monday evening. It's a cat's life!

Monday, August 4, 2008

New Hand Dyes

Just finished dyeing 28 yards of cotton. Some of the pieces are wonderful, some I will stamp or batik and overdye.

Some of my favorite pieces:

And my absolute favorite:

Another Client Quilt and a New Bloom

Just finished quilting this fabulous piece for a client.

This, of course, was my favorite block. I am a little partial to orange and pink...

And a new bloom in the garden. Lycoris, or the red spider lily. Amazing -- there is no foliage, just the bloom stalk.

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