Friday, August 8, 2008

Last Batch of Batiks

The last group. I particularly like this one. It was stamped with a potato masher and a wine cork:
This was one of last pieces I batiked on Tuesday. I pretty much just dribbled wax all over it, let it cool and then crackled it:

And I did this one the same way:


Agent Sexy and Agent Lickety Split said...

I love the blue and green one, amazing ! :)

Lise said...

Your fabrics are great Heather - and I love your use of potato mashers etc..I read about the book you recommend on another blog as well, now it's on my wish list!! Thanks for your comment on my blog - if you try the tissue paper technique, be sure the paper are the "bleeding" ones - often the cheapest variety!!

Fannie said...

Wow, Heather! You're a batik expert. Potato mashers . . . innovative! Great work! Thanks for sharing.

Lynn Douglass said...

Heather, your fabrics are very yummy! I love the way you're experimenting with a variety of "tools"!

darlajune said...

Love your blog! Those fabrics are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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