Monday, September 29, 2008

Fiber Art Group Meeting

My fiber art group met today. We had several important issues to discuss. First, we decided to rename the group. We have been debating this for a while, and we finally reached a decision we all can live with. We are now "Studio Q." Secondly, we decided to limit our membership to 15 artists. As long as we are meeting in our homes, we cannot increase our number. Lastly, we drew a name to determine the winner of our TVQG quilt show entry -- and Rhonda won!

Bethany was our host and she taught us all how to discharge dye:

I was very pleased with my efforts. These first two shots are of a piece I had hand dyed several months ago, using red violet, green and navy blue dye. I had used most of it in a project, and had two strips, roughly 9" x 30", left. I used both diluted bleach to spray a stencil and Soft Scrub with bleach stamped onto the fabric -- I was very pleased to see that the bleach removed the blue, and left traces of the red-violet and green:

A closer look. You can see the red violet and green:

The second piece is P & B plain black cotton. I sprayed diluted bleach on a piece of bubble wrap and used it to transfer the bleach to the fabric:

There were lots of different brands of black fabric being bleached. Some discharged to yellow, some to rusty brown, some orange. The P & B black turned a lovely red-orange:

We had birthday cake for lunch -- both Susan and I have birthdays this week. Fun day!

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