Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 Charming Vintage Quilts

Pat brought me three vintage quilts. They had been pieced by her mother many years ago, and she wanted to have them quilted as Christmas gifts for her daughters. I think they are thoroughly charming!

This blue and white bowtie is made of mattress ticking and cotton shirtings. It was very well pieced and a dream to quilt:

Pat wanted them all quilted very simply, so I used a medium meander:

The second quilt is bold and bright. A very complex pinwheel star:

I think the red and plaid star block was my favorite. Or maybe the yellow and gray block next to it:

The third quilt is a pumpkin seed pattern pieced with a very coarse, heavy red cotton and the same mattress ticking as the bowtie quilt, with the addition of a polyester border. Very pleasing to look at, but a challenge to quilt. Nonetheless, I think it came out beautifully:

This is a very difficult pattern to piece. The other two quilts had been pieced on a sewing machine. This one had been pieced by hand:

I can't wait to see what Pat thinks of them! I have to bind them, and will get them to her next week in plenty of time for Christmas.

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Jacq said...

These are all beautiful quilts and you have done a wonderful job quilting them.

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