Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Client Quilts Part Two

More quilts. First a t-shirt quilt by Jacqui:

And a red and green star quilt by Billye:

Billye does exquisite work. Her quilts are always very flat and square and her points are perfect. We decided that an allover pattern would be best for this very busy quilt. I quilted roses and leaves over the borders and leaves in the center using old gold thread by Permacore. Here's a closeup of a rose in the border:

1 comment:

Stitchwhiz said...

I like the set in Jacqui's tshirt quilt. Do you mind if I forward a copy of the photo to my friend Barb, at church? She bought a custom tshirt quilt that I donated at our service auction. I've been showing her some examples.
Wow, you are one busy quilting machine queen! Don't forget to take some time to look for your turtle.

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