Monday, December 22, 2008

It's the Monday before Christmas and...

I've got the flu. Darn it! I have a huge list of things I need to do before my brother gets here. Not only do I have a little Christmas shopping left, I have to wrap, clean, bake, shop for groceries...

But not today. I think today will be spent on the couch with a few old movies.

A few Christmassy pictures. First, an early Christmas present from Janet. Love the red nose. Do you think people will notice?

The antlers are hard to see in the picture, but I'm afraid they show up well in real life.

Secondly, Boomer warming up a box of Christmas presents:

How did he know that there were presents for him inside the box?

Happy Holidays!

1 comment:

Stitchwhiz said...

Get well, your brother won't care he'll just be happy to be with you. Cheers!

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