Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Visitors of the New Year

Our first visitors of 2009 were Janet, Elena and Carolyn, our friends from Colorado. It was wonderful to see them! The girls are growing up so fast.

On Saturday, the temperature was in the high 70s. It was a beautiful day for a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo. The girls loved it, and Elena bought her green spotty tail there. It apparently didn't get in her way when she climbed the oak tree in our back yard:

Carolyn is going to be 10 this month. She's a sweetheart:

Brian and Janet especially enjoyed the snacks after our trip to the zoo:

On Sunday, the weather was chilly. We spent the rest of our visit indoors, talking, playing games and watching football.
The girls brought Boomer a new sailor outfit and a catnip anchor toy. Doesn't he look jaunty?

Amazingly enough, he doesn't seem to mind wearing it. And he was very patient with the girls, who wanted to play with him and hug and kiss him continuously. He's a good little guy!

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