Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Improv Log Cabin -- Quilted!

I quilted the new improv log cabin quilt I had finished piecing Sunday. It took a full day of quilting -- not only did I spend a long time quilting different patterns in different sections (which was fun), but I also used a variegated thread called King Tut by Superior that broke, at a conservative estimate, 30 times (which was not fun). No joke. Anyway, I think the results are worth the agony. It even hangs perfectly flat (though obviously it is not perfectly square, even intentionally wonky):

A couple of closeups of the quilting patterns and the beautiful, if badly behaved, thread:

1 comment:

Sam's mom said...

love your design any which way, but this third (r)evolution looks grounded, house-like, homey and hospitable. great quilting, too. -Eleanor Levie

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