Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's a beautiful morning!

I am feeling very happy this morning. It's a combination a factors, really: three days of steady rain, a wonderful day yesterday at the Dallas Quilt Celebration, and the prospect of an afternoon spent sewing.

Gray skies and prolonged drizzle may get some people down, but I love a rainy day! In part because it provokes in me a feeling of nostalgia. Growing up in Ohio, rainy days were common and we often seemed to be without the sun from November through at least the end of February. I love to brew a cup of tea and watch it rain from the warmth and safety of my studio window.

Looking around the garden this morning, I also see that the rain has brought about a burst of new growth in my perennial garden. Rosettes of leaves are popping up everywhere, the grass (St. Augustine turns a dull tan in winter) is showing a blush of green, and some hardy perennials (notably the scabiosa, "pincushion flower") are already covered with blossoms. Spring flowers like the forsythia, narcissus, tulips and irises are also in bloom, giving us quite a bit of color for this time of year.

I had a wonderful time at the show yesterday. Sue, Pat and I ventured over to Dallas in the rain, and we were very glad that we did! My quilts looked great hanging in the Masters Art Quilt section, and I ran into several old friends from my bee in Houston. Barbara now lives in Frisco, north of Dallas, and several other bee members had come up for the show. It was great to see them!

I took a picture of "Block Study #6" hanging in the show. Unfortunately, it is blurry:

I also did some quality shopping. I bought some beautiful silk, stocked up on thread and bought some really lovely batiks. Which I am itching to cut up and sew...

Which brings me to the last reason for this feeling of well-being I have this morning. It's too wet to work in the garden, so I will have the entire afternoon to sew! I am working on a new choppy quilt in black, white and scarlet and can't wait to get into the studio. So goodbye for now!

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Marty's Fiber Musings said...

A friend from Monroe traveled to Dallas to the quilt show. Can't wait to hear about her visit (and her purchases) and see her pictures. What a great way to spend a rainy day.

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