Sunday, April 19, 2009

Turtle Awakening Day!

I got home yesterday, and the turtles came out of hibernation today. Can it be a coincidence? Perhaps they were waiting for me! All three emerged from their turtle hole today and all three were famished. Good thing I was back to provide their first meal!


Jay said...

No coincidence I am sure...they were waiting for you. Thanks for showing us all your neat stuff at the "Q" meeting today. I am looking forward to starting on our "recipe" quilts...must think "whimsical"!!!

Fannie said...

amazing. what do you feed them?

Heather P said...

Hi Fannie! Good to hear from you!

The turtles eat shredded carrots, snow peas (chopped up), greens, bananas, berries, canned turtle food and a little sprinkle of extra calcium. They are especially fond of fruit.

Heather P said...

Oh, and bugs. They love slugs and snails.

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