Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Weekend in Pipe Creek

I spent last weekend in Pipe Creek, Texas, just west of San Antonio at a workshop taught by Susie Monday. As always, I had a fabulous time and learned a great deal.

Susie's house is perched on a hill. The view from her deck is amazing:

The workshop focused on adding text to our work. Here, Laurie and Pat are batiking with soy wax and procion mx dyes:

The weather was fabulous, so we managed to do some sun printing:

One wall in Susie's studio was hung with some amazing pieces incorporating text into the design:

Gloria shows her nearly finished collage piece. We used text cut from magazines as well as stamped text:

I made many sample pieces during the workshop, but my favorite by far is this silk scarf batiked using Susie's incredible arsenal of kitchen implements to transfer the wax:

All in all, an inspiring weekend. I came home refreshed and eager to get started on some new pieces. But first, I have to get caught up on my client quilting.

Although, I did take one day this week to dye 11 yards of cotton. I am ready to start piecing again!


Martys Fiber Musings said...

The batiked silk scarf would be a favorite of mine too...Sounds as if you had a great time, but welcome home.

Penny Schine Gold said...

What fun! I love seeing everyone's work. There is so much to try once you start dyeing. . .

Heather P said...

Thanks, Penny and Marty! It's so much fun to play with surface design techniques! And I've had so much fun dyeing and painting scarves -- almost as much fun as piecing!

Jay said...

I hope you bring your new stuff to show and tell at our studio "Q" meeting...would love to see them!

Fannie said...

thanks for sharing, heather! looks like a lot of fun. i imagine you're inspired from that workshop. the scenery from the deck is beautiful.

Jacq said...

It looks like you had a wonderful weekend at a beautiful location.

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