Monday, September 21, 2009

TVQG Show Report

Well, the 2009 quilt show is behind us! It was a lot of work, but thoroughly wonderful. We had a great variety of quilts hanging in the show, and people seemed to enjoy the display. And, of course, the vendors. I certainly enjoyed the vendors.

I entered 11 quilts, most of which were hanging in the art category. Some of them were finished right before the show, and although I've posted pictures of the tops, I haven't posted pictures of the completed pieces. My personal favorite (of my own quilts, that is) is Sticks #1. The judges liked it, too:

Block Study #6 got an Honorable Mention:

Fishy Wishes got a Third Place ribbon:

Sticks #2 was finished days (ok, maybe hours) before it was due at the show:

My Wonky Log Cabin hung in the special exhibits section. Looked a little odd hanging with all of the traditional log cabins around it:

I had seven quilts entered in the art category, and ended up with six of them in the same area. My own personal cubbyhole:

The studioQ round robin quilts looked fabulous hanging together:

All in all, a great show!


Fannie said...

congrats, heather! your own section, how cool. love all your quilts. bravo.

Penny Schine Gold said...

Heather--It's great to see so much of your work! For what it's worth, I like Sticks #2 even more than Sticks #1--the quilting lines in #1 are so dominant that it's hard for me to see the "sticks"--there seems to me more of a balance in #2. And I love the quilting in Block Study #6!

Heather P said...

Thanks, Fannie and Penny! Penny, I kind of agree with you about Sticks #2. I made it playing with the "motif" quilting idea from the class at the Crow Barn at the same time as our dyeing class. My motif was an "H" that kind of morphed into a many branched "stick." It was certainly fun to make!

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