Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 1 at the Crow Barn

I'm at the Crow Barn in Baltimore, Ohio, for a class with Jan Myers-Newbury. We are learning the art of Shibori, and having a really wonderful time!

I think autumn is the best time to visit Ohio. The fall foliage is so beautiful -- we just don't get the same depth and variety of colors in Texas. The Crow Barn is southeast of Columbus in a very rural area.

Monday was warm and sunny. I took a walk, and snapped a few photos:

There are many styles of Shibori. Jan is showing us how she underpaints with dye before wrapping fabric on a pole:

My first few efforts. I'll post pictures later of these pieces -- I have since overdyed them and they have turned from mildly cool to pretty darned fabulous:

More later....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I love Brian's wireless rain gauge. I gave it to him for Christmas last year, and, honestly, he had asked for it and was delighted to get it. But I think, deep down, I really bought it for me. When it rains, I run to the kitchen and check it frequently. Oooo, another 2 tenths of an inch! Yay, we're over 1 inch for the day! Wow! That's a lot of rain!

Today I've spent a lot of time looking at the rain gauge. As of 7:46 pm Central Daylight Time we are officially over 3 inches for the day. 3.07 to be exact. And it is still raining steadily.

So, Brian, thank you for asking for a rain gauge! I love it!

Works in Progress

Two quick pics of tops I have just finished. Bad pictures, but both quilts are rather large and I photographed them laid across a double bed. The weird perspective is the result of my precarious perch on a desk chair. Anyway, here is Sticks #3 (64" x 64"):

And Sticks #4 (52" x 62"):

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

11 Days 'til Halloween!


I had a wonderful time in Arkansas. The weather was wonderful, cool and autumnal, and the trees were starting to turn shades of orange, red and yellow. I met Janet in Tulsa, and we drove to Bentonville to her parents' home. We spent 3 full days shopping at the many craft fairs -- War Eagle, Bella Vista, NW Arkansas Crafts....It was fabulous!

Janet and her mother, Laverne:
The three of us at War Eagle Mill:

The War Eagle Mill area is beautiful. This is taken from the bridge, crossing toward the mill. Can you tell that there were three craft shows going on in the area?

Margie, another friend from our Midland, TX, days, met us at War Eagle. I hadn't seen her in several years, and it was great to catch up!

It's good to be home, but I had a fabulous time in Arkansas!


My latest batch -- 8 yards intended for Sticks #5. Can't wait to cut it up!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Off to Arkansas

I'm off to Arkansas this morning! I'm meeting Janet (who lives in Denver) in Bentonville and we're going to spend the weekend at the War Eagle craft fair. It's a great event, and we intend to get all of our Christmas shopping finished while we're there!

Before I go, you may notice that I added the SAQA Visioning logo to my blog. SAQA, the Studio Art Quilt Associates, are offering a year long mentoring program. I have joined, and plan to use the next 12 months to develop my artistic voice and work on the "Sticks" series. I've already been hard at work, piecing Sticks #3 and Sticks #4. Both tops are finished, and both are very large. I haven't been able to get good photos of them, but I'll post pictures as soon as the weather here in Texas clears up. It's been raining for days.

Anyway, I'm heading out. See you Monday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Client quilts

Been really busy quilting client quilts -- here are a few lovely examples...

DeAnne's quilt for her new granddaughter:

Syd's blue and white Jacob's Ladder:

Karen's windows quilt:

New Camera!

I had a lovely birthday -- Brian and I had a wonderful, leisurely dinner at Piola, followed by presents. Brian gave me a camera -- a teensy, tiny Canon PowerShot SD 780 IS. I love it and have been running around snapping photographs!

The first pumpkin of Autumn:
An early fall rose:
Poblano peppers:

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