Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More from the TVQG Retreat

I worked on Sticks 6 today:

Retreat has been great! Today we got together and showed off our work:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Work in Progress

What I've been working on at retreat:

Scenes from the TVQG retreat....

Wish y'all were here!

It's not all fun and games. Some of us are actually working...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snow and cold - brrrr!

We've had some unusually cold and snowy weather here in North Texas lately. In the four years we've lived here, it has snowed three or four times, and it has never snowed enough to blanket the grass. But over the holidays it snowed twice in one week. The first was on Christmas eve. I took these pictures on Christmas morning:

The snow had melted by December 26, except for a few patches here and there, and then it snowed again. Amazing! Not as much snow, but it fell in lovely big fluffy flakes.

I love snow!

It warmed up for a few days, enough for Pop to board the train back to New Jersey, and then we had some of the coldest weather we've seen since we moved to Texas 28 years ago. Three consecutive days where the temperature didn't get over 25 degrees Fahrenheit! Our poor backyard fountain was encrusted in so much ice that the basin kept emptying (it was all frozen on the sides and base). I spent three days pouring hot water into the basin every couple of hours, trying to keep it from freezing completely solid and cracking the main part of the fountain, which is ceramic.

It has warmed up again, and now it may actually rain. Winter is an adventure in North Texas: you never know whether it will be balmy or freezing!

Wonderful Christmas!

We had a lovely Christmas! My father-in-law (from New Jersey) and my brother-in-law (from Maryland) joined us for the holidays. Pop was actually able to spend New Year's with us as well. It was the first time that we had spent Christmas with Brian's side of the family in nearly 10 years!

Our tree wasn't as big as Janet's and Erik's (see previous post) but it was the largest one we had ever put up. And Santa was very good to us, as you can see:

Brian received an antique Missouri-Pacific china dinner plate from Pop. It looks great in our dining room, especially next to my lime green tinsel tree:

And as usual, Boomer enjoyed the whole experience. He loved the crunched up wrapping paper, the tree (although he is very well behaved. He doesn't climb it or play with the ornaments, he just loves to sit under it) and of course his presents. He gets lots of presents!

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