Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Work (and a few better pictures)

I finally got around to taking better photos of my newer quilts. Some are quilted, some are not. The first 3 are quilted.

First, Sticks 3. The only other photo I had of this quilt was draped across a bed:

A detail of the quilting. This one is finished except for the label:

Sticks 8:
A closeup of the quilting:

I pieced Sticks 8 for my living room. I dyed the oranges to coordinate with the orange wall.

Sticks 7:
A detail:

Now a few that aren't quilted. Sticks 9:

Sticks 6:

Sticks 5:

Sticks 4:

The final three will be quilted when I get caught up with client quilting again. Hopefully that won't take too long!


KyraT-M said...

I like stick four the best!

KyraT-M said...

Ooops, "sticks" that is.

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