Monday, February 7, 2011

TVQG Retreat

I spent the last week in January at Tanglewood Resort and Spa at Lake Texoma at the Trinity Valley Quilt Guild retreat. Had a great time, and got several pieces started.

I began with a black and white piece, and then moved into color:

Looks like a mess, doesn't it? It was somewhat more cohesive when I pieced the multi-colored top together, but have since revised it, thanks to my friend Kyra's input. I'll post a picture of it later.

Everyone else got a lot of piecing done, too. Here, Sue is showing off a completed quilt top:

I made a good start on Tuning Fork #6:

I was home for the weekend, and then visited Kyra in Round Rock. We had a great visit and got a little piecing done, too. I seem too have been laughing too hard and having too good a time to remember to take any pictures......


Barb said...

Your retreat looks awesome...

Sorry for the cold weather. We love Texas, we plan to retire there.

Heather P said...

Thank you Barb! The cold weather is not normal -- here in North Texas we get a little bit of winter but not usually much!

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