Sunday, June 26, 2011

A visit from guess HOO?

We had an unexpected visitor in the yard this morning. While we were out on the patio with our coffee and the Sunday papers, we heard a giant ruckus. The bluejays were screeching and the squirrels were squawking. Brian went over to investigate under the holly bushes below the big magnolia tree, which is where the ruckus seemed to be centered, thinking it must be a cat. Nothing. The ruckus continued, however. No cat, possum, or fierce wolverine. Finally, a fourth time, Brian spotted, not 5 feet away, a little gray screech owl, trying to take it's daytime nap. It is now 7:00 pm, and it is still there. It has been mobbed by squirrels, blue jays, mockingbirds,...even cardinals and chickadees. It doesn't seem fazed, however. It just sits there snoozing. And letting me take pictures! I have never seen one in the wild before. If you can count suburban Fort Worth as the wild.

He really upset our other backyard residents:

But he didn't let it faze him. He napped the day away:


vivian said...

The look on the squirrel's face is priceless! Looks like the owl is keeping one eye open while he naps. Wise Owl!

Jay said...

What great pics!!! I too love the look of the squirrel!

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