Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Big Figure Series

For the last month or so (with time off for vacation) I've been working on a new series.  My aims were several:  to find an interesting configuration and to enlarge, exaggerate and improve it, to work quickly and to not overcomplicate the project.  I've been having fun with these pieces.

While I was working on it, I felt that #2 was too basic, too empty.  I guess I was still mentally in the Tuning Fork series, with thousands of small pieces and very fussy construction.  But once quilted, I found it visually appealing:

Big Figure #2,  43" x 48"
#3 was not entirely successful.  Too horizontal and vertical.  Perhaps it will improve after quilting:

Big Figure #3,  41" x 34"
 #4 is better, I think.
Big Figure #4, 56" x 40"
 #5, which I finished this morning, is directly influenced by my trip to the Cayman Islands.  I seemed to gravitate toward tropical colors, colors that reminded me of the pink, green, orange, blue and yellow houses, the many blues and greens of the ocean, and the whites and caramels of the beaches and the cliffs:

Big Figure #5,  42" x 51"
I'm off tomorrow for Austin for the opening at the Dragonfly Gallery.  But I'm looking forward to continuing this series when I get home.  


Stitchwhiz said...

Good stuff Heather! Have fun in Austin and raise a little hell.

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

How large are these pieces Heather? I especially like #2 and #5

Heather P said...

Thanks, Mary and Mary Ann! I've added the sizes to the pictures.

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