Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Home from the Caymans...

We're just home from Cayman Brac.  It's the perfect place to disconnect from the real world, and we had a fabulous time. We loved the peace and quiet -- the only thing we heard at our villa were the waves, the seabirds and the squawking parrots who came by every morning to munch on the sea grapes on our property. Despite the temptation to spend every day just lounging on our private beach, we managed to get out and hike, snorkel and explore the many caves on the Brac.

Our villa, Seafan Meadows, was lovely.  We had great views of both the sunrises and sunsets and a great snorkeling reef 50 yards off our beach.  

Sunset from Seafan Meadows

The cliffs on the Lighthouse Trail

A Brown Booby

Lunch at the Coral Isle Club

Seafan Meadows from the beach

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