Thursday, January 17, 2013

Holiday and Post Holiday Blues

Christmas is over and it's a bit of a let down.  We had a lovely holiday.  And, a rarity for North Texas, it actually snowed on Christmas day!

It's snowing!
Boomer got a new hat, and laid back creature that he is, wearing it didn't seem to bother him.

Boomer the reindeer
Brian got a pizza pi cutter for Christmas (get it?) so of course he had to make a pizza to test it out.

"pi" cutter and pizza
Several weeks before Christmas I worked on the October sQ challenge -- start with a simple block, and change it each time to make a multi-block 12" square quilt.  (OK, I'm a little behind...) I really liked this challenge, so I made three.  My original block was a belly button block:

Telephone game #1
Telephone game #2 - cool colors
Telephone game #3 - warm colors
This past Monday, I put my father-in-law on a train to go home.  We had a wonderful month together!

Pop leaving for New Jersey
On Tuesday, I got back to work.  First up, January's 12' x 12" challenge for sQ.  The topic was "seeing red" and the technique was improvisational piecing.

Seeing Red
I'm back to work on client quilts now.  No more fun stuff until I get caught up again!

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Val Spiers said...

Took me a second to realise the eyes didn't belong to Boomer:D
I have never seen a pi cutter before. I have looked at your quilts back to this post. You have some clever and difficult looking work. I really like the tuning fork.

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