Monday, April 1, 2013

Destruction and Reconstruction

This weekend I was looking at a pile of quilt tops in my "to be quilted" pile.  The pile isn't all that big, but it not only contains a couple of quilts that I think are good (eg worth quilting) but also a couple of stinkers.  Like this one:
I made this top last summer/early fall.  The idea was to put a bold figure against a pieced background.  I fussed with it for weeks and finally admitted defeat.  It was placed on the bottom of the pile and promptly forgotten.  

Last week, I unearthed it.  And reassessed it.  Yup, it's still a stinker.  But rather than put it back in the pile (or even better in the trash), I decided to cut it up into pieces and see if I could salvage it.

Those who know me know I love to cut things up.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process.  And this is what I ended up with.  I think I saved it from it's date with the garbage can:

Big Figure #10, 42" x 46"
Happy April 1st!


Stitchwhiz said...

Not to mention Resurrection for all those still in the mood of Easter!

Heather P said...

You know, I was thinking that. But I didn't want to be too sacrilegious.

Jay said...

Heather...I love what you have created with the Resurrected quilt top!! Did you have to add anything, or just totally cut and rearrange? Well worth the effort!!

Heather P said...

Just cut and rearranged. In fact I had a couple of pieces left over!

Quilt or Dye said...

I definitely think it has been saved. No baptism needed.

mad elena said...

You're like a fairy god mother who waved her magic wand - or rotary cutter!! Love the transformation.

Wil said...

I like how this one turned out!

giddy99 said...

WOW, that's amazing - it's definitely a keeper now! :)

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