Friday, June 21, 2013


Today is the summer solstice, but it's felt like summer for the last 10 days here in north Texas. The Dallas Morning News declared this morning that "Simmer is officially here."  We have had over an inch of rain in the last week, though, so my flower gardens are still lush and full of blooms.  

Last night, B and I decided to harvest some of our onions.  We haven't grown them before, but B had built that beautiful raised bed for me and filled it with very nice soil, so we thought we'd give them a try.  Most of the onions still have green tops, but the tops of a dozen of them had browned, so we pulled them up.  Wow!  Real onions!  And they are very sweet!
First onion harvest, plus a little garlic, a carrot and one cherry tomato!
We had spaghetti squash (from our veggie co-op) with carmelized onions last night, as well as a salad with some fresh greens from the garden and our carrot and lone tomato.

The tomatoes have been disappointing.  We planted three varieties, and the cherry tomato and the Celebrity tomato have produced lots of fruit, but something eats them before they even start to ripen.  I don't think it's birds.  You can see teeth marks on the remnants of the Celebrity tomatoes.  It's making me very sad.

My roses make me happy, though.  This is Audubon:
 And this is Julia Child:
 A few more garden pictures....
B's new garden art

Balloon flower (Platycodon)

I love orange daylilies!  Orange daylilies were everywhere in Northeastern Ohio
where I grew up.  We called them Tiger Lilies.   

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Jay said...

Beautiful!! Enjoy your garden!! Think maybe you have raccoons again? Eating your tomatoes?? Hope to see you Monday at Lynns....

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