studioQ Challenge quilts -- I'm caught up!

My fiber art group, studioQ, has been working on a series of color challenges.  Every other month, one of the members selects a photograph and presents us with a palette of colors pulled from the photo.  I am finding this rather challenging, because 1.)  I usually work with a large number of shades and tints, even if the palette is restricted to several hues and 2.) the chosen palettes have been way outside my normal color comfort zone.  I mean, look at all of that blue!

So several months ago, I  came home from a meeting with 7 color swatches, 3 of them shades of blue.  I decided to make a largish figure surrounded by smaller figures.  I put it together, and then realized that I had made a funky sort of tuning fork.  Hmmmm.
Challenge 1 - 17" x 23"
 I started the second challenge right after I got back from International Quilt Festival.  Tuning forks were very much on my mind, and I decided to just go with the flow and make a tuning fork motif quilt.  I decided to treat the green swatch as my background fabric, and had gotten permission to add the dark gray.  I felt that the swatches as presented did not have enough contrast.
Challenge 2 -- 23" x 35"
Both are quilted, so now I have some binding to do.  And I now feel that I can get back to Tuning Fork 13, which is on the design wall.

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Jay said…
Love your challenges! !! I am pretty sure I will not have the second challenge done this time! Nut you never know....I may actually get something done and surprise myself!
Marilyn Wall said…
Heather, Isn't it interesting how our subconscious takes us?
these are phenomenal! I also saw your quilt in Houston. congrats. it is just stunning.
Regina B Dunn said…
I love Challenge 1. It has a lot of nice motion.
Claire said…
I like both, but challenge 2 is stunning. I agree, you really needed that dark gray. You've done good things with varied size and color placement.