Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Work from last week

The ice storm in North Texas gave me extra time to visit with my friend Kyra.  But Tuesday morning, I took a chance and headed for home.  After a slightly icy drive, I'm very happy to be back in Fort Worth.  And extremely happy to be back in my studio.  Today, I unpacked my bags and looked over what I'd done last week.  Amazingly, since I spent two days at QuiltCon and several days socializing with friends, I got quite a bit done!
The piece I needed to finish is on the left in the picture above.  Once I finished that, I dug into a box of scraps from a bullseye quilt that I've been working on for the last three weeks and put together a series of small improvisational studies.  I enjoyed making them so much, that I have to admit I am not ready to get back to work on the bullseye.

Oh well.  I'll get back to the bullseye tomorrow...

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Maria Shell said...

The sketches are play the Bullseye is work. I would always rather play. It was great to see you and those new sketches are terrific!

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