Monday, April 13, 2015

Main Street Art Festival

We always look forward to the annual Main Street Art Festival in Fort Worth.  The festival features great artists, great music and great street food.  How can that be bad?!  

This year, the weather was perfect.  Thunderstorms had been predicted for the entire weekend, but beyond a few quick sprinkles the rain held off.  The temperature was on the chilly side Saturday morning, warming up to a very pleasant 70 degrees in the afternoon.  I took this picture early, before it got too crowded:
We just had to stop and listen to a band called "Squonk Opera."  I mean, how could we resist?  They featured a bagpiper and a very large, very blue mechanical man.  As the songs went on, things kept popping out behind and below the man.  And he moved about a bit.  It was fun!
The music was great, as well!

All in all a fun way to spend a weekend.  Now it's Monday, and the predicted thunderstorms are here. It's dark, chilly and wet outside. I'm definitely staying in today!

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