Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Report from Houston International Quilt Festival

I've been home for several days, but after catching up with laundry, grocery shopping and meetings, as well as spending a lovely afternoon in the studio, I just got around to downloading my pictures from Festival. Here they are!

I left early, several days before the show started, to spend a day with Maria Shell from Anchorage.  It was so wonderful to see her!  And a great way to kick off my week in Houston.

After setting up the SAQA booth on Tuesday, Rhonda Weddle and I went to see the Rothko retrospective at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.  It was fabulous! 

Also fabulous was our lunch at McGonigels Mucky Duck.  Which was full of ghoulish Halloween fun:
When we lived in Houston, Brian and I often went to the Mucky Duck.  It was great to go back!  It hasn't changed in appearance, although the food was better than I remembered.
Rhonda at the Mucky Duck
Back at the show, I was very excited to see that a friend of mine, Maren Johnston of Santa Barbara, California, won a ribbon at the show!  I was in a class with Maren years ago.
Tuning Fork #22 was in the same category as Maren's, Art: Abstract-Small.  I'm afraid it's dark background blended into the curtain.
Tuning Fork #26: Magnetic Attraction looked great.  It was part of the Dinner @ 8: Affinity exhibit.  I was very honored to be selected to be a part of the exhibit.  
The artists in Dinner @ 8 were invited to a dinner on Friday night.  What a fabulous group!  Good food, good wine and a little bit of silliness. In this next photo Cheryl Sleboda is teaching Diane Doran how to balance a spoon on her nose, with Lauretta Crites looking on.  So it could be considered an educational evening!
On Saturday, it rained.  In torrents.  Rhonda and I had planned to leave in the early morning, but delayed our departure until after noon.  
It was a little scary getting out of downtown Houston, but once on the freeway it was an easy drive. Houston was fun, but it's good to be home! 


Jay said...

Great pics! Glad you all had a good time! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

Heather Pregger said...

Thanks, Jay!m I'll have a full report!

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