Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Two and a Half Weeks in O-H-I-O

I am just home from a long trip to Ohio.  I attended a 2 week Master Class at the Crow Timber Frame Barn, and spent several days on either side of the class at my brother's house in Worthington, just north of Columbus. It is always great to see my brother and his wife, and this year I was able to meet his new grandson, Nathan.  

The Master Class is a wonderful experience.  I first went to my first MC two years ago.  It's sort of like an independent study with benefits.  Imagine being in a room, surrounded by 19 other high level quilt artists, each working on vastly different pieces, breaking every afternoon to discuss topics relevant to the business of art quilting and the art of creation.  The room is full of amazing energy!

I won't share pictures of the other artists' work, but here is a photo of Coleen Kole.  We celebrated her birthday during the class!
Happy Birthday!

Andrew and Jennifer live near the Olentangy River on the north side of Columbus.  I love to walk down the bike and hike trail that follows the river on a cool summer morning.

Saturday was A & J's eleventh anniversary!  I was so happy I got to share this special occasion with them.
 There were several really wonderful exhibits going on nearby, both curated by Nancy Crow.  The first we viewed was "Material Pulses: Eight Viewpoints" at the Riffe Gallery in Columbus.

 Denise Roberts' quilts were stunning! In fact the whole exhibit was amazing.
Denise with her fabulous work!
Three pieces by Jane Willoughby
We also went to "Mastery: Sustaining Momentum" at the Dairy Barn in Athens, Ohio.  Also an excellent exhibit, but no photography allowed.

I had a wonderful time at the MC.  I was working on pieces based on photos and drawings of mineral thin sections.  I was very excited by the work I produced.
At the end of class.  The minerals are (from l to r) Stilbite, Chloritoid and Mica Schist
So now, it's back to reality and back to work!


Maria Shell said...

Great Recap Heather! I wish I had been there!

Andrew Blair said...

I loved sharing time with you! -Jennifer

Norma Schlager said...

Love what you did in class. That's a lot to accomplish in that amount of time.

Mary Kirwin said...

AI always love your reports from central Ohio. Lucky you for making it to Athens.

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