Monday, September 19, 2016

BBB Part 3

The second week of our vacation was spent at Pop's house on Cape Cod.  Brian's brother was already there.
Bruce, me, Pop
I LOVE Cape Cod.  One of my favorite places.  So here are a few quintessential Cape Cod pictures.
Salt Pond, Eastham
A trimaran at First Encounter Beach
The Salt Marsh near First Encounter Beach -- high tide
OK, I got that out of my system.  Notice that I even snuck in a picture of the salt marsh.  Those of you who read my blog know I have a salt marsh obsession.

This was the vacation of sunsets.  We saw a beautiful sunset at each of the three locations we visited.  The sunset we saw at Thumpertown Beach, looking west over Cape Cod bay, was one of the best I have seen.

As it dipped over the horizon
 We of course had to celebrate Brian's birthday one more time.  And I made his favorite birthday cake.
Bruce and Brian, birthday guys
My mother in law was an antique dealer, and the decor at the Cape Cod house is very early american.  Brian and I bought a very modern painting by S. P. Goodman at the Left Bank Gallery in Wellfleet.  And hung it in the living room.
We thought it looked great there.  And luckily, Pop agreed.
Wave Series #4 by S.P. Goodman
We had a great time on the Cape.  We managed to rest and relax, catch up on our reading, walk on the beach, spend time with Pop and do a few chores around the house.  And, yes, I took several walks to admire the salt marshes.
Brian and Pop.  Salut!

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Julierose said...

Oh what lovely pictures and looks like you had a great time--I LOVE the Cape my DH and I honeymooned there and have made many trips back...I have always wanted to live there--who knows, never say never...hugs, Julierose

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